The unhappiness of a life lacking mediocrity

Amy Molloy Daily Mail UK article "I wish I was mediocre like my friends"

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“This self-indulgent trash offends my senses. Please include a warning next time.”*

Amy Molloy’s Daily Mail piece- Being a success is lonely and so joyless. I wish I was mediocre like my friends. is a pretty awesome read….

“…I shoot for ten times more than the average person…”

“I watch people laughing in cafes and wish I could be that idle.”

“Maybe I would have formed allegiances in the workplace if I hadn’t been fast-tracked up the career ladder so quickly.”

“I wish I could be mediocre.”

Most people just think she sounds like a dick but Mamamia has attempted to be more diplomatic – “The Australian attitude is generally one of self deprecation and joking humility. But what’s so wrong with admitting that success can be tough?”

It’s true that the general gist of Molloy’s article has potential. She talks about never feeling satisfied and waiting for the moment when she truly feels proud of herself. Unpacking these sentiments could have been worthwhile but instead Molloy just keeps digging.

“I don’t mean to sound ungrateful…” um, yeah well, you do. “I earn more money than I need.” Ah maybe you should give some away then? Just a thought.

I don’t believe that people reacted negatively to this piece because they couldn’t handle or comprehend the notion that “success can be tough”. Rather that the pungent stench of arrogance, swimming through the streams of Molloy’s vapid words, simply made them irate.

But hey, maybe Molloy is super smart and has manipulated us all. I mean, I’m writing about her, your reading about her – did you even know who she was before all this?

Despite the possible motivations behind her article, whether readers’ reactions were ill-considered is really a no brainer. Arrogance is generally an unpleasant virtue. A difficult one to pull off unless you are, say, Tony Stark.

Tony Stark

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*Comment by novasigma in the Daily Mail commenst section.

One response to “The unhappiness of a life lacking mediocrity

  1. At first I was speechless – I mean really? Really? I daresay with the advantages (yes she has earned them) this woman has she could address some of the issues she has with professional help – unlike those who suffer loneliness and despair because they have no family. Or somewhere to live. Or enough food to eat … True, success may not buy you happiness but it does allow for more choices and a rather nice cushion … it is just so much blah blah blah

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