Adelaide Fringe Festival Kicks off February 15th!

Kicking off tomorrow, the Adelaide Fringe Festival (15 Feb – 17 March) will take over the town with over 900 events laced throughout venues, open parks, laneways and the sidewalk.  The city becomes a whirring carnival filled with buskers, street performers and enough quirky people to make Newtown look like Sunday Schoolers. So…What’s Hot you say?!


Miss Representation Adelaide Fringe Festival 2013

“Miss Representation’ is an American documentary which explores the connection between the way in which women are portrayed in the media and their under-representation in positions of power (including government, corporations and the media). It discusses how the rapid increase in the use of technology and access to the internet in recent years is having a detrimental affect on society as we are coming to perceive increasingly violent and sexualised images to be the norm….”


Dorothy Parker Adelaide Fringe Festival 2013

“Poet. Critic. Writer. Alcoholic. Aspiring corpse. Dorothy Parker is a lot of things. And when the whole of 1920’s New York knows you as the funniest woman to hold a martini, the pressure to write a witty suicide note is unbearable. Entertaining for Parker fans and enlightening for newcomers, everyone should spend a little time with the lady who coined the phrases ’one-night-stand’, ’queer’, and ’what the hell’. Throw in a few songs, a shady past and a vendetta against Winnie-The-Pooh, and you’ve got yourself a thigh-slapping hour with Dorothy Parker.”


Me And Only Me Adelaide Fringe Festival 2013

“This dark thriller is something a little different from Acorn Productions’ previous presentations of evocative events such as ‘The Vagina Monologues’ and ‘Write Here, Write Now’, which sought out and encouraged new writers and performers…’My One and Only’…revolves around a suspicious series of phone calls leading up to a hair-raising climax of a woman caught up in obsessive love as both victim and perpetrator. What happens when we get to know our stalkers?”


Squidboy Adelaide Fringe Festival 2013

“A squid in an elevator. An exploding cow. A sheep that unzips. Ornamental Japanese lawn. What will happen? Nobody knows. Not even the squid. Trygve Wakenshaw returns with his critically acclaimed solo show. Squidboy is a wriggly mix of playful physicality, absolute lies, aquatic pride and mischief. The show is about an imaginary friend who makes imaginary friends who make imaginary enemies who make imaginary armies out of imaginary scotsmen.”


Confessions of a GRINDR Addict Adelaide Fringe Festival 2013

“Felix has a date. A real one! But this time it’s different; it wasn’t set up over the internet, nor did he have to spend hours grinding him first. So why is he freaking out? It’s been over a year since Felix has been on a proper date and he can’t help but wonder: “What does a guy actually do on a date that doesn’t involve sex?” Confessions of a Grindr Addict is a comical, intimate and at times awkward journey through the gay dating world as Felix shares his secrets about sex, love and the odd fetish… or two.”


Hot Dub Time Machine Adelaide Fringe Festival 2013

“Hot Dub Time Machine is back!! Last year’s 5-star, sold-out, late-night Super Party is landing in the Garden for another festival of crazy good times! Join DJ Tom Loud and dance your way through pop music history! This year is going to be the: Best. Party. Ever!”

If you’re aged 18-30 check out Fringe Benefits for cheap tickets!

Happy Fringe : )

2 responses to “Adelaide Fringe Festival Kicks off February 15th!

  1. Woo super excited for all the fun to kick off tonight- bring on a whole month of not sleeping but for a totally awesome reason! Going to see a magic show after the parade tonight and then some cabaret on sunday…circus shows and theatre during the week, comedy coming up and I’m sure heaps of fun un-expected stuff as well! So buzzed! Wish you were here babe! xxx

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